Climbing in Romsdal


The Romsdal area, featuring ‘celebrities’ like the Romsdalshorn and the Troll Wall, has been popular among climbers for more than a hundred years. In our opinion, Romsdal is the best climbing area in Norway. We have made a new climbing guide for Romsdal - check it out!

To avoid any misunderstandings: Romsdalen is a valley, while Romsdal is an old county covering a large area, including Åndalsnes, Molde and Eresfjord. Åndalsnes is the place to stay when climbing in and around Romsdalen. This small town has a population of about 2500, and hosts a post office, banks, and quite a few shops. You’ll find most of the things you need here, including basic climbing gear. Generally, Norwegians speak good English, so language problems are likely to be minimal.

Getting there. Åndalsnes is located on the west coast of Norway. By car it’s roughly 6 hours from Oslo, 10 hours from Bergen, and 4 hours from Trondheim. Åndalsnes is easily accessible by train, as the train takes you right to the center of town. The train also stops at the airport Gardermoen. If travelling by plane, you should go to Molde and catch a bus the remaining 60 km. Once in Åndalsnes, you would be best off with your own car, as there are few busses. Rental cars are available both in Molde and in Åndalsnes.

Where to stay. There are several camping grounds. The Trollveggen Camping offers a good view to the Troll Wall, and it is not far from the climbing area Hornaksla. Mjelva Camping is located next to the Mjelva Cliff and closer to the center of Åndalsnes. Trollstigen Camping og Gjestegård is located in Isterdalen, right beneath the mountains Bispen, Kongen and Dronninga. Other alternatives are Åndalsnes Camping, Soggebru Camping, Aak Camping and Trollstigen Hytteutleie. There are also a couple of hotels and a youth hostel in Åndalsnes. There is a tourist information at the railway station where they will answer all your questions. Camping in the wilderness is allowed as long as you don’t bother anyone. Stay at least 150 meters away from private homes, and no more than two nights in the same place.