Oil and Gas Industry
Effective process gas analysis can help customers in the chemical industry prevent and reduce accidents while ensuring the safety of production workers and comprehensively improving the ability and level of total production prevention and control.
Petrochemical Industry Comprehensive Solution
Programme OverviewProgramme CompositionFeatures of The SchemeApplication Cases
Programme Overview

The petroleum refining industry is generally characterized by a large number of installations, complex working conditions, and a high degree of danger, so we provide total solutions to meet the actual needs of petrochemical enterprises through an in-depth understanding of their process analysis needs. We provide you with considerate customer service and turnkey projects from site survey to solution design, from installation and commissioning to start-up and operation, from customer training to after-sales support.

Programme Composition
  • Analysis of catalytic cracking regeneration flue gas components.
  • Analysis of catalytic reforming regeneration flue gas components.
  • Analysis of ethylene cracker coke flue gas components.
  • Analysis of cracked gasoline components.
  • VOC oxygen/total hydrocarbon content analysis.
  • Flue gas analysis.
  • Water quality analysis.

Features Of The Scheme
  • Accurate online measurement of process gases using laser harmonizability and monochromaticity.
  • Online monitoring of oxygen and combustible gases such as CO, H2 and CH4 through gas analyzers to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the plant.
  • Through the online monitoring of gas, the process parameters can be adjusted according to the monitoring data in time to achieve energy savings and efficiency for the enterprise.
  • Real-time monitoring and traceability of the ambient environment of the industrial campus and plant through CEMS, micro-detection stations and other ambient air monitoring equipment to ensure the promotion of ultra-low emissions.
Application Cases
China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation
PetroChina Company Limited
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