Oil and Gas Industry
Effective process gas analysis can help customers in the chemical industry prevent and reduce accidents while ensuring the safety of production workers and comprehensively improving the ability and level of total production prevention and control.
Gas Analysis of Sulfur Recovery solution
Programme OverviewProgramme CompositionFeatures of The SchemeApplication Cases
Programme Overview

The sulfur recovery unit(SRU) is a key facility of environmental protection in industries such like petrochemical, natural gas, coal chemical and metallurgy. It is the most significant gas desulfurization process, recovering sulfur from gaseous hydrogen sulfide.With rich experience in this field, FPI provides total solution for SRU process monitoring

Programme Composition
  • Raw acid gas analysis, determine concentration of acid gas
  • To see sulfur recovery efficiency by monitor H2S/SO2 concentration
  • H2 input level monitoring
  • To see combustion efficiency by monitor O2 in tail gasSO2 emission monitoring
Introduction to the platform

In Claus sulfur recovery unit, a large amount toxic acid gases like H2S, SO2 exist, other gases like H2, O2 etc are highly explosive. Hence it require a suite of process gas analyzers to operate safely, optimize the process efficiency and meet environmental regulations for SO2 emissions.


Features Of The Scheme
  • Process Optimization: The typical Claus reaction runs most efficiently when the stoichiometric ratio of H2S to SO2 is controlled at 2:1
  • Environmental monitoring: Emission monitoring of Industrial boiler, reaction furnace, incinerator in SRU.
Application Cases
Chongqing Kinglong Fine Strontium Chemical Co.,Ltd SRU project
Red Star Development Chongqing Dazu Hongdie Industry Co,Ltd SRU project
SINOPEC Tianjin Company SRU project
Henan Junhua Development Co.,Ltd SRU project
Panjin North Asphalt Fuel Co.,Ltd SRU project
Shandong Dongming Petrochemical Group SRU project
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