Oil and Gas Industry
Effective process gas analysis can help customers in the chemical industry prevent and reduce accidents while ensuring the safety of production workers and comprehensively improving the ability and level of total production prevention and control.
Natural Gas Industry Comprehensive Solution
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Programme Overview

The processing of natural gas mainly includes several processes such as gas extraction, purification, transmission, compression and liquefaction. By analyzing the gas in processing, we can optimize the process, improve the purification effect, guarantee the gas quality and ensure transportation safety. FPI has developed Herriott laser analysis technology through continuous technical innovation to measure trace-level gas content, which significantly improves the measurement accuracy and fully meets the needs of the natural gas industry to measure trace-level gas. To adapt to the measurement environment of high-pressure, multi-alkane in-materials in the natural gas industry, FPI has developed a corresponding sampling pre-processing system to ensure the reliable long-term operation of the gas analysis system.

Programme Composition

Gas Gathering and Processing: At natural gas ground stations, raw natural gas from each natural gas well is usually transferred to a dewatering station for dewatering, which requires the installation of an online water dew point analyzer to monitor the dewatering effect.

Gas Purification: The raw natural gas is initially treated at a gas purification plant or processing station for desulfurization/decarbonization, dehydration, and dehydrocarbon, and the commodity natural gas enters a long-distance pipeline for sale. It is usually necessary to have an online hydrogen sulfide analyzer after the desulfurization/decarbonization unit, an online water dew point analyzer after the dehydration unit, and sometimes real-time monitoring of hydrogen sulfide in the incoming raw natural gas to ensure the gas meets the standards.

Process Stations: The commodity natural gas is exported from purification plants as fuel and industrial raw material is transmitted and distributed through natural gas pipelines to industrial users and cities along the route. Real-time monitoring of water dew point and hydrogen sulfide of pipeline gas is usually required at the first terminal and compressor stations of long-distance pipeline transmission, as well as at important distribution stations and gas receiving stations.

Features Of The Scheme

Non-contact measurement, corrosion-resistant.

Long service life for harsh external environments.

Explosion-proof products can be used generally without purge gas.

The intelligent module allows for unattended operation.

Application Cases
Gansu Branch of Western Pipeline of CNPC
Petrochina Sichuan Petrochemical Co., Ltd.
Talimu Oilfield Company
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