AQI (Air Quality Index) network monitoring provides general pollutant data and gives administrative support; whereas source analysis demonstrates the formulation of pollutants. The combination of two approaches gives specific evidence of ambient forecast and right solution for treatment.
Ambient Monitoring Management Platform
Programme OverviewProgramme CompositionFeatures of The Scheme
Programme Overview

FPI Ambient Network Management Platform (ANMP) is a powerful and customizable interface for data evaluating and processing. The modularization of ANMP of data collection, data auditing trend prediction and control, gives comprehensive and flexible accessing for both government authority and public. 

System Features

  • Diverse & Comprehensive Data Types
  • Powerful Business Capacities
  • Multi-angle Observation
  • Flexible Configuration

Programme Composition

Forecast: After gathering real time ambient dynamic data, the platform adopts space analysis algorithm to generate real-time/daily regionalollution distribution & diffusion graph. Displaying the spatial-temporal diffusion trend according to GIS mode.

Source Demonstration: Sector-parameter graph demonstrated the pollutant cross-border transfer and multi-source contribution to regional pollution.Platform will generate pollution percentage reduction target plan as per government requirement and according to the sector-parameter matrix, tells both controllable and uncontrollable pollutant contribution.

Network monitoring: Monitors located where people live, work, and play are important for addressing exposure and protecting public health. Idea of conventiona point-wise monitoring is now changed into rend-wise network monitoring, which specify further the responsibility and duty to district officers.
Features Of The Scheme
  • Acting as complement of network monitoring data.
  • Evidence of mobile legal enforce. 
  • To be used as stationary monitoring / mobile monitoring. 
  • Enhance dynamic ambient monitoring and source tracing 

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